Ski touring on Snasahögarna
The Snasahögarna mountains are some of the best ski touring mountains in Sweden. They are close to the road and have nice runs in most directions with about 700 meters vertical drop.

The night before, we try out the gear to make sure everything is set before we go next morning. We try out skiboots and adjust bindings.

The trip starts that we meet up close to where ever you are staying and from there we go together by car for about 45 minutes to the startingpoint for the ski touring. Before we set off uphill you get a crashcourse in how the avalanche rescue equipment works and how to put on the climbing skins and so on.

Depending on where the best snow is and the groups experience and expectations we choose a summit and a run wich gives you the most of the day. Some times one run is enough and some times 4 summits and +2000 vertical drop is the aim. You decide!

Prior knowledge:
You should know how to ski. Everything else importent you will learn during the trip. But please do write in the booking what level you are at so we can give you the most of the trip.

Price: 1400 sek
The price includes avalanche rescue equipment (Tranciever, probe, shovel and a backpack), ski touring equipment (ski boots, skis, climbing skins and poles) and guide, price ex. skiequipmen t is 1000 sek. If you want to you can book lunch (a big sandwich) for 100 sek.

We meet up at 08.00 and we are back around 17.00.

make your reservation on or on +46 (0)739-912614

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