Skitouring at Sylarna, in the middle of nowhere.
The Sylarna massif is one of the best areas in Sweden for skitouring. The terrain differs quite a bit from the other mountains in the area. At Sylarna we find steep corridors, glaciers, pinacles and exposed ridges. But we allso find large snowfields in perfect angle wich acumilates a lot of snow.

The Sylarna massif is situated south-west from Åre just at the norwegian border (actually the summit, Storsylen 1762 m is on the norwegian side, but don't worry there is no toll-station). To get here we go together by car to Storulvån, where the road ends. from here there is 17 km by catski to reach the Sylarna mountainstation.

Once we get to the Sylarna mountainstation we leave everything we won't need for skiing at the mountainstation and go for our first trip. When we come back we make dinner toghether and hang around at the station for some stries before it's time for bed.

Next day we go up early and after breakfast we go for another tour and after som nice skiing and great adventures we go back to the skicat wich will take us back to Storulvån before we go back to Åre.

The skiing around Sylarna is a bit more exposed to avalanchehazards then the mountains around it. To get the most out of the skiing we like to see that you have been using a tranciever(avalanche becon) before and if you have one of your own, please practice using it before we go.

Prior knowledge:
You should have used avalanche safety equipment before (tranciever, shovel, probe). If you have'nt we can practice this the night before we go.

Price: 2500 kr
The price includes guide, avalanche equipment, food and staying at the Sylarna mountainstation. If you don't have skitouring skis we can arrange it. The skicat to Sylarna is an additional 460 kr returntrip.

We leave Åre at 9.00 o clock and we are back again at 17.00 the day after.

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