Off-pist skiing on Åreskutan
Åreskutan offers some of the best off-pist skiing in Sweden. Åreskutan has for example the most vertical drop among all mountains in Sweden with ski lifts. The cabin takes you easely close to the top where you find some of the most classic off-pist runs in Sweden.

Dependeing on your expectations and what you want to do we make the most of your day. Do you just want to go close to the lifts? or should we put the skins on and hike to the more remote areas where we can find fresh snow and real back country skiing.

Prior knowledge:
The only thing expected on the group is tha you can ski. Depending on how good you ski the guide decides wich runs you can go and wich runs thhat is too dagerous.

Price: 900 sek
The price includes avalanche rescue equipment (Tranciever, probe, shovel and a backpack). You can allso rent skitouring skis, skiboots and skins for 400 sek if you want to access the more remote parts of the area.

We meet at 09.00 just outside the valley station for the cablecar if nothing else is said and we are back again around 17.00.

make your reservation on or on +46 (0)739-912614

- Toppäventyr, ICA Toppen, Karolinervägen 22, 83015 Duved - 0739 91 26 14 - -