Ski touring for everyone!
We offer guided tours with light equipment and by that we can offer everyone who can ski a nice day of ski touring in the swedish mountains. Ski touring equipment has changed a lot the last few years. A few years ago the skis were heavy and the ski boots bulky, but this time has past. We also put avalanche security high on our prio list. We are regulary out checking the snow stability and we have a close cooperation with Åre avalanche center.

Åre, our base camp
To be able to have Åre as our base camp gives us many advantages. One is that we can offer ski touring in our own backyard, a nother one is that we are close to other magnificent areas for adventure in the scandinavian mountains. Why not go to Romsdalen in norway for example.

We are out there every day!
Pretty much every day we are out skiing on the hillsides in the Åre valley, checking snow conditions, looking for whre the best snow is and so on. This gives us a great advantage on our tours. We do know where the best skiing is!

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